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Here are a few of the ways graduate students are involved in Center for Democratic Deliberation initiatives.

Teaching in the Rhetoric and Civic Life Program

Graduate students in Communication Arts and Sciences and English often teach sections of Rhetoric and Civic Life 137H/138H, a year-long honors course on focused on communication skills and civic issues. The Rhetoric and Civic Life (RCL) course includes CDD-supported components. In the spring, for example, RCL students host Deliberation Nation, inviting community members from across the State College community to deliberate important local issues.

Undertaking CDD Funded Research

The CDD offers small, one-time research grants for graduate students undertaking research that fits with the center’s mission. Recently, for example, the CDD funded a short research trip to the Library of Congress so that a graduate student studying the role that women played in public radio programming during WWII could listen to archived radio programs.

Assisting the Center for Democratic Deliberation

Each year the CDD has one graduate research assistant who organizes and publicizes CDD events as well as collaborates with the CDD Director on special projects. In the last few years, CDD RAs have helped organize conferences, write grant applications, and publish white papers.

Submitting for the Kenneth Burke Prize in Rhetoric

Each spring, the CDD awards the Kenneth Burke Prize in Rhetoric, a $500 award for the best essay written by a graduate student in the liberal arts on the subject of rhetoric. Please read more about the Kenneth Burke Prize in Rhetoric.

Applying to be a CDD Dissertation Fellow

Advanced graduate students can apply to be Center for Democratic Deliberation Dissertation Fellows. The CDD Dissertation Fellowship provides a one-semester release from teaching as well as a $1000 research grant. CDD Dissertation Fellows have office space in the McCourtney Institute office suite, participate in a faculty-led writing group, and present their research at a public colloquium during the spring of their fellowship year. Read more about the CDD Dissertation Fellowship.

Affiliating with the CDD

Graduate students who affiliate with the CDD participate in CDD activities and are eligible for CDD Research Funding.