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The Center for Democratic Deliberation supports outreach and community-based initiatives designed to foster more robust democratic deliberation.  It is particularly interested in working with public or private organizations committed to improving the civics and communication curriculum in K-12 schools, staging public forums on important political or social issues, or promoting more active and informed civic engagement.

Debate Society and British National Debate Team

The Debate Society hosts the British National Debate Team.

CDD Outreach initiatives include:

Penn State Speech & Debate Society, aimed at providing a platform for structured, intelligent, and open debate in an environment where Penn State students can improve their skills as advocates and citizens

Deliberating Crisis on Campus, a collection of resources to aid instructors and students in generating productive dialogue

Birkle Award for Student Engagement, an annual award for students who help to advance the CDD’s mission of promoting engaged citizenship and public deliberation

Partnership with the National Constitution Center, collaboration and contracts with the NCC in Philadelphia