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Partnership with the National Constitution Center

Collaboration and contracts with the NCC in Philadelphia


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In recent years the CDD has partnered with the National Constitution Center (NCC) in Philadelphia on several initiatives.

CDD co-director J. Michael Hogan served as Academic Director of a week-long Annenberg Summer Teachers' Institute at the NCC, focusing on deliberation in the classroom.

Hogan also served for several years as Scholarly Advisor and Moderator of "The Exchange: A Marketplace of Student Ideas."  This program uses Internet-2 videoconferencing technologies to bring high school students from across the country together for moderated discussions of controversial issues.  Funded by the Annenberg Foundation, the series is hosted by MTV news correspondent SuChin Pak and included programs on such issues as immigration, health care reform, and same sex marriage.


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In October 2010, Hogan was appointed to the Steering Team for a major national symposium on civility and democratic discourse funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities and held at the NCC on March 26-27, 2011.  EntitledCan We Talk: A Conversation about Civility and Democracy in America, the event featured participants from a wide variety of academic disciplines, as well as political commentators and activists from across the political spectrum.