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The Center for Democratic Deliberation sponsors lectures, conferences, publications, and other scholarly activities related to its research mission.  Providing both material and intellectual support for faculty and graduate students engaged in research on issues of concern to the Center, it defines its research agenda broadly and encourages faculty from across the humanities and social sciences to participate in its programs.  Scholars whose research relates to the mission of the Center are encouraged to contact the directors with ideas or questions about the Center.

CDD Research initiatives include:

Rhetoric & Democratic Deliberation, a book series with PSU Press
Dissertation Fellows Program, recognizing students who conduct scholarship that reflects the CDD's concern with civic life and the character and quality of public discourse
Camp Rhetoric, an annual retreat for faculty and students in rhetorical studies
Kenneth Burke Prize in Rhetoric, awarded annually to the best essay written by a graduate student in one of Penn State’s liberal arts disciplines on the subject of rhetoric in its many forms



    Religion, Politics, and Democratic Deliberation, a CDD lecture series led by Professor of Communication Arts and Sciences Stephen H. Browne
    Rhetoric, New Media, & Deliberative Democracy, the CDD's inaugural project featuring lectures from leading interdisciplinary scholars
    Deliberating Across Differences, a lecture series bringing together those of differing viewpoints and experiences