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Camp Rhetoric

An annual retreat for faculty and students in rhetorical studies

The CDD sponsors Camp Rhetoric, an annual retreat for faculty and graduate students in rhetorical studies in Penn State's English and Communication Arts and Sciences Departments.  The annual Camp Rhetoric retreats are organized by the Arnold-Ebbitt Interdisciplinary Rhetoricians (AEIR) organization, a registered graduate chapter of the Rhetoric Society of America (RSA).

Dr. Kyle Jensen standing at podium

Dr. Kyle Jensen delivering the 2015 Camp Rhetoric Keynote

Camp Rhetoric 2016

Details regarding the upcoming Camp Rhetoric in February 2016 will be available at the end of the 2015 fall semester.

Recent Camp Rhetorics

The 2015 retreat was held on February 7 at the Toftrees Golf Resort. Kyle Jensen, assistant professor of English at the University of North Texas, delivered the keynote address, "The Myth of Rhetorical Energy." With over 50 fifty people in attendance from surrounding areas, including Texas, graduate students participated in works in progress sections with faculty from Texas A&M University, Northwestern University, University of North Texas, and Penn State University. There were also panels on visual rhetoric, civic engagement, and other topics.

The 2013 retreat was held on February 14 at the Toftrees Golf Resort and Conference Center. Roxanne Mountford, founding director of the Division of Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Media at the University of Kentucky, delivered the keynote address, titled "Around 1914." The 2013 Camp Rhetoric included various works in progress sections, as well as panels on book publishing, prospectus writing, rhetorical criticism, war rhetoric, Kenneth Burke, and digital rhetorics.

The 2011 retreat was held on February 5 at the Toftrees Golf Resort and Conference Center.  The event featured guest speaker Pat Gerkhe, associate professor of communication and rhetoric in the Speech Communication Program and the Department of English at the University of South Carolina.  Gehrke's keynote address was entitled "What Can Rhetoric Do? Influence, Events, and Rhetorical Histories."  The 2011 Camp Rhetoric also featured a series of round tables on issues including ethics in rhetorical studies, the job hunt, scholarship, technology and teaching, research in progress, and pedagogy.

The 2010 retreat was held on January 23 at the Centre Furnace Mansion, where a group of approximately fifty faculty and students came together to discuss their research and teaching, and to make plans for future events and interdisciplinary initiatives in rhetorical studies at Penn State.