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Future of the Basic Course

future of the basic course convention

On Friday, April 24, 2015, the First Vice President of the Eastern Communication Association (ECA), Kanan Sawyer, sponsored a special double session at the 106th Annual ECA Convention on “The Future of the Basic Course.” In the spirit of the convention’s theme, ”Deliberation: Philadelphia,” Penn State’s Center for Democratic Deliberation (CDD) was invited to facilitate the event, which was open to all convention attendees. The session featured deliberations on a series of questions about the basic course in communication, and it attracted a diverse group of more than thirty communication scholars and teachers.

The deliberations proceeded in two stages: first, participants worked through the questions in small groups with a facilitator and a recorder; second, each of the small groups reported out to the whole body of attendees, initiating a moderated town-hall-style deliberation on those questions and other issues.

At the conclusion of the event, CDD Director J. Michael Hogan and Jessica A. Kurr, the CDD research assistant, drafted a white paper summarizing the outcome of the event.

Read the white paper: "The Future of the Basic Course in Communication".